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'05 Swingman Short

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Introducing the '05 Swingman Short by Mitchell & Ness, where comfort, flexibility, and retro style unite for the ultimate Sacramento Kings fan experience. These shorts aren't just athletic wear; they're a versatile and stylish homage to the iconic 2005 era of Kings basketball.

Crafted for optimal comfort and flexibility, the '05 Swingman Short is the perfect choice for fans who appreciate a blend of performance and throwback flair. The retro design pays homage to a memorable era in Kings history, making these shorts a distinctive addition to your fan wardrobe.

Product Details:

WHAT: '05 Swingman Short

FEATURE: Comfort, Flexibility, Retro Style that reflects the iconic 2005 Sacramento Kings era

BRAND: Mitchell & Ness

Elevate your fan style with the '05 Swingman Short. Whether you're hitting the court, cheering from the stands, or simply embracing the nostalgia, these shorts seamlessly combine comfort, flexibility, and retro vibes. Crafted by Mitchell & Ness, a brand synonymous with quality and authenticity, these shorts are a must-have for Sacramento Kings enthusiasts who appreciate both performance and timeless fan fashion.