Jersey Bear 10" Plush 2023-24 City Edition

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Introducing the Jersey Bear 10" Plush, an irresistibly cozy companion that embodies the spirit of the Sacramento Kings' 2023-24 City Edition. This plush bear is not just a toy; it's a cuddly celebration of the team's unique style and the excitement of the current season.

Wrapped in a snug 2023-24 City Edition jersey, this bear is the perfect addition to any fan's collection. Its compact 10-inch size makes it ideal for displaying team pride on your desk, shelf, or as a huggable friend during game nights. Whether you're a young fan or a dedicated collector, this plush bear is a delightful expression of your love for the Kings.

Product Details:

WHAT: Jersey Bear 10" Plush 2023-24 City Edition

FEATURE: Cozy Bear Plush

JERSEY: 2023-24 City Edition

SIZE: 10 Inches EXTRA: Perfect for fans of all ages


Embrace the warmth of team spirit with the Jersey Bear 10" Plush, a delightful addition to your Sacramento Kings memorabilia. Snuggle up with this cozy bear, showcasing the City Edition pride of the 2023-24 season, and let your love for the Kings shine in every hug.